This list is not comprehensive but can be used as a guide to transfer credit that we have recently offered past students who attended this institution.

Course equivalents

Jönköping University (International Business School) courseuSask course
Business and Academic Communication I 1/2 Comm 100.3
Business and Academic Communication II 1/2 Comm 100.3
Business Development and Change Work No Credit
Business to Business Marketing3 cr Unspecified Sr Elective
Computers and Networks (7.5 cr)Cmpt 100/175
Corporate Finance for ExecutivesCOMM 363.3
Cost Control SystemsCOMM 308.3
Database Development (7.5 cr)Cmpt 100/175
Derivative MarketsCOMM 419.3
Derivative SecuritiesCOMM 419.3
Econometrics I Level AEcon Sr 3 (4XX level)
Economic GeographyXSSC Jr 3
Entrepreneurial CreativityComm 447.3
Entrepreneurship and Business Planning Comm 349.3
Event Marketing & BrandingComm Sr 3
Exchange Rates and International MacroeconomicsECON 356.3
Intermediate Macroeconomics TheoryECON 214.3
International ManagementComm 340.3
International MarketingComm Sr 3
International Trade TheoryEcon 354.3
Intro to Business Informatics No Credit
ISD Projects (7.5 cr)Cmpt 275.3
IT and Strategic Business DevelopmentNo Credit
LeadershipComm 348.3
Marketing ManagementComm 204.3
previously Comm 352.3 (2007)
New Venture DevelopmentComm 447.3
Organization and Leadership COMM 342.3
Organization and Leadership (7.5 cr)Comm Sr 3
Programming Methods Cmpt 111.3
Project ManagementComm Sr 3
Service ManagementComm 452.3
Small Business ManagementComm 447.3
Strategy & TechnologyComm 447.3
Swedish 1XHUM Jr 3
Swedish 2XHUM Jr 3
Swedish Economy, Culture & LanguageXSSC Jr 3

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