Indigenous Spend-a-Day is a one-day event held at the main uSask campus for Grade 10, 11 and 12 First Nations, Métis and Inuit students.

Through interactive sessions, an Indigenous uSask student panel and an information fair, students learn about the program opportunities that have made uSask the choice of more than 3,100 current self-declared Indigenous students.

Indigenous Spend-a-Day is Friday, October 26, 2018. Registration is free and opens in September. 


Students have their choice of two different sessions to attend. See the list below for what was offered in January 2018.


Aboriginal Students' Centre

The Aboriginal Students’ Centre is dedicated to supporting the academic and personal success of Métis, First Nations and Inuit students. The centre offers personal, social, cultural and academic support through programs, services and events held throughout the academic year. We are located within the new Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre, which is a signature building on campus. Please join us in learning more about the programs and supports that we offer, and the community we share at the Centre.

Agriculture: Agriculture in the wild

Students will explore wildlife crime scene investigation and take part in a tracking exercise using technology.

Arts and Science: An in-depth look at the College of Arts and Science, a college full of possibilities

Come learn about all of the programs our college has to offer. Whether you know what you are interested in, hoping to get into a professional program or just want to learn more. You will get an in-depth look at everything we offer, including our Aboriginal Student Achievement Program (ASAP).

Biomedical Sciences: A great gateway to the health professions

Degrees in the biomedical sciences (BMSC) provide the strongest foundation for further training in health care-related professional programs and graduate studies. In this workshop, we seek to spark your interest in our undergraduate programs through scientific demonstrations in biochemistry, microbiology and immunology, physiology and pharmacology, and exploration of human body models from anatomy and cell biology. The first two years of our programs are referred to as the BMSC core platform and majoring in any of our four BSc programs can serve as an excellent entry point for your admission application into professional schools such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy, optometry, veterinary medicine, graduate studies and research.

Business: Developing business professionals to build nations

Get a taste of business and explore all that the Edwards School of Business has to offer. Our graduates have so many opportunities, whether you want to work at a large company or start your own business. You will participate in an interactive session led by upper-year students where you will explore our six majors (Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Management, Marketing and Operations Management) and learn about co-op, study abroad and other exciting opportunities.

Drama: Need a little drama in your life?

Tour the department of drama, home of the Greystone Theatre and the wîcêhtowin Theatre Program. 

Please note that this session is only offered in the afternoon.

Education: Indian Teacher Education Program (ITEP)

ITEP students and mentors will present on what it is like to be an ITEP student and be a part of the ITEP family on campus. Students who attend this session will have the opportunity to learn about the history of ITEP, and they will be able to ask University of Saskatchewan ITEP students questions about student life and expectations.

Education: Métis Teacher Education (SUNTEP)

SUNTEP is the Métis teacher education program on campus.  It’s a four-year direct entry program that enables our students to become culturally enriched with Métis culture, heritage and traditions while preparing to become a teacher.

Education: Want to be a teacher?

Does working with children or youth interest you? Would you like to learn more about becoming a classroom teacher, physical education teacher or music teacher? Come explore career options with the College of Education! You will receive information on what it’s like to be in the College of Education and what it takes to be part of one of the most noble of professions: teaching.

Environment: Interested in protecting and studying our environment?

If you want a career that can truly make a difference in our world, look no further. Come learn about our environmental programs on campus! Around the world, environmental change is affecting people; whether you are interested in learning about food security, climate change, or ensuring access to clean water - we have a program for you.

Please note that this session is only offered in the afternoon. 

International Student and Study Abroad Centre (ISSAC)

Everyone can study abroad! Attend this information session and learn more about study abroad opportunities.

Kinesiology: Why choose kinesiology?

Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan takes a holistic approach, covering many areas of study, such as exercise physiology, gross anatomy, biomechanics, motor learning and control, growth and development, psychology and ethics. In our program, you will also have the opportunity to make theory come alive through practice and experiential learning.

Law: Program of Legal Studies for Native People

If you are thinking about law school come see what the Program of Legal Studies for Native People (PLSNP) has to offer you. Housed at the Native Law Centre, PLSNP is a national 8-week summer course that provides Aboriginal students from across Canada the opportunity to study first-year Property Law before beginning law school in the fall. Many students take this course as a condition of their acceptance to law school.

Learning and academic support for students

Join Student Learning Services staff from the University Library for a cup of hot chocolate and conversation about our free programs available to help you succeed at the U of S. The University Library is so much more than a collection of books and other materials.  Learning how to gather information for research and your personal growth is crucial for every student.   We offer a variety of academic programming that will help you from start to finish.  Students will have an opportunity to share and ask questions.

Medicine and Nursing

Students will practise hand-on skills, learn about admission requirements and hear from current students in this joint session from the College of Medicine and the College of Nursing.

Nutrition and Dietetics

Dietetics is the profession that translates the science of nutrition into practice to promote health. Find out how you can become a registered dietitian and learn about excellent career opportunities in clinical dietetics, food service administration and public health nutrition, among others. Taste some culturally diverse foods, learn about nutrition assessment tools, and hear about the unique practicum program.

Please note that this session is only offered in the morning. 


Come and see how pharmacy is changing. Pharmacists are taking on expanded roles as medication management experts to prevent adverse drug events and provide optimal drug therapy outcomes for their patients. Pharmacy practice includes a patient-centered care approach allowing pharmacists to deliver expanded services that range from not only providing safe and effective medication but also patient education, prescribing and adapting medications, interpreting and ordering laboratory tests, medication management and reconciliation, and the administration of injections. Find out how pharmacists, as medication experts, have an important role to play as vital members of the health care team.

Please note that this session is only offered in the afternoon.

Physical Therapy: If it's physical, it's therapy!

In this workshop you will experience a variety of activities related to Physical Therapy… Are you out of shape? Do you have a sprained ankle? A sore shoulder? Physical therapists can help with these conditions, and more… We will move you!

Please note that this session is only offered in the afternoon. 

Residence: Live with US - On Campus

Living on campus is a great way to be connected to the campus community and to build meaningful connections with other students. Academic supports, personal supports, and regular community activities are just some of the many reasons that many students choose to live with US. During this session, you will go on a guided tour of our Voyageur Place Residence and attend a short presentation about what Residence Services has to offer.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM Pathways)

Join our Aboriginal Student Achievement Program (ASAP) STEM Pathways team - with representatives from our Science, Engineering, and Health Science colleges - for a hands-on introduction to the STEM disciplines including access courses, first year programs, degrees, and exciting career possibilities. What’s this ‘step right up…’ business? We’ll flex your creative problem solving muscles with a vertical design challenge and finish the session looking up!

St. Thomas More College

Tour of St. Thomas More College.

Undergraduate Research

Get actively involved in the process of discovery early on. Through research, scholarship, and art you will ask questions, find and analyze answers, and share your results. Discovery is core to what our university community does best. Find out about all the ways to get involved and what skills are needed to research for your future.

Veterinary Medicine: Do you like animals? Are you considering becoming a veterinarian?

Through hands-on activities in our new simulation lab, you will find out more about what veterinary medicine is all about.

Please note that this session is only offered in the afternoon.