The $90 application fee will be removed for visiting and audit student applicants starting from the 2023 Fall Term and beyond.


Start term Application deadline
January 2024
December 1, 2023
Documents due: December 15, 2023
May 2024
April 1, 2024
Documents due: May 1, 2024
July 2024
May 1, 2024
Documents due: June 1, 2024
September 2024
August 15, 2024
Documents due: August 15, 2024
January 2025
December 1, 2024
Documents due: December 15, 2024

Visiting students

Effective for Fall 2023, the common visiting student application process has been discontinued and Saskatchewan students enrolled at the University of Regina, and/or Saskatchewan Polytechnic will need to apply as visiting students.

If you are enrolled at another institution and you want to take University of Saskatchewan (USask) classes to transfer to your current degree program, you can apply as a visiting student.

How to apply

To apply to become a visiting student or common visiting student, you have to:

  • Provide a letter of permission from your home institution stating that you have approval to attend the University of Saskatchewan, indicating the intended term of study, and identifying the specific course(s) in which you intend to enroll
  • Create or log into your USask admissions account
  • Start an application
  • When asked to choose an application, select Take undergraduate classes as a visiting or audit student to access the correct application type
  • Fill out the entire application form and submit it before the application deadline
  • After submitting your application, review your Supplemental items list and upload the letter of permission from your home institution where indicated.

Audit students

If you wish to take university classes solely for interest's sake, auditing classes may be an option for you.

If you audit a class, you attend lectures but do not hand in assignments, participate in class discussions, or write mid-term or final exams. You will not receive credit for the classes you take, but you will pay lower fees and are exempt from many admission requirements.

How to apply

To apply to become an audit student, you have to:

Returning students

If you have previously completed classes at the University of Saskatchewan, you can apply as a returning student. Returning students are not required to pay an application fee when applying for readmission to one of USask six undergraduate direct-entry colleges: Agriculture and Bioresources, Arts and Science, Education, Edwards School of Business, Engineering, or Kinesiology.

How to apply

To apply as a returning student, you have to:

Deadlines for returning students

If you are applying for readmission to the same college you attended previously and you have not completed any other post-secondary education since leaving the University of Saskatchewan, your application will be considered if submitted by the deadlines listed above.

Students returning to the Bachelor of Science Kinesiology/Bachelor of Education Combined Program for their final year, including the extended practicum, should apply early to ensure a field placement can be arranged.

If you are applying to a different college than the one you attended previously or if you have completed classes at another post-secondary institution since leaving the University of Saskatchewan, you must apply for admission by the same application deadlines as new or transfer students.

The deadline to apply as a returning student to the College of Education* is May 1 prior to enrolling in classes in the upcoming Fall or Winter Terms.

The deadline to apply as a returning student to the Edwards School of Business is June 1 prior to enrolling in classes in the upcoming Fall or Winter Terms.

*Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) program routes only.