At the University of Saskatchewan (USask), the quality of your education and your achievements in the International Baccalaureate programme will be recognized. Through scholarships, transfer credit and admission policies, IB students from around the world will find opportunity at uSask.


Our self-assessment tool will allow you to determine whether you may be eligible for admission, what transfer credit you may be eligible to receive, and whether you may automatically qualify for a Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship.

You can also enter letter grades for Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and the Extended Essay, as well as bonus points, for consideration.

*The information you enter in the Self-Assessment Tool is not provided to the Admissions Office at the University of Saskatchewan.  Applicants must submit statements of anticipated/predicted IB scores to the Admissions Office directly.

Self-Assessment Tool for IB Diploma Students

Enter your IB courses below along with your predicted/anticipated or final grades for your last year of study.

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Diploma Programme

Students who will complete the IB Diploma Programme will be considered for admission based on a total score out of 45 possible points. Some programs at the USask require that applicants meet a minimum score to be eligible for admission.  Others rank applicants competitively and admit only the top applicants.

The table below illustrates how your IB score will be converted to a percentage grade when considering you for admission or awards.

IB Diploma Score 
(with bonus points)
USask Equivalent (%) IB Diploma Score 
(with bonus points)
USask Equivalent (%)
45 99.9% 33 90%
44 99% 32 89%
43 98% 31 88%
42 97% 30 87%
40-41 96% 29 86%
39 95% 28 85%
37-38 94% 27 84%
36 93% 26 83%
35 92% 25 82%
34 91% 24 79%

Diploma courses

Students taking individual IB diploma courses will be considered for admission using a combination of high school (secondary) courses and IB diploma courses. IB diploma course scores out of 7 will be converted to a percentage grade to be used in an admission average calculation. Specific subjects and admission averages required will vary depending upon the area of study you plan to pursue.

IB Course Grade USask Equivalent (%)
7 100
6 93
5 87
4 79
3 68
2 60
1 49

Transcripts & Predicted Grades

After applying for admission, upload a statement of your anticipated/predicted IB grades.

Students enrolled in individual IB diploma courses will be considered for admission, entrance scholarships and bursaries based on individual scores out of 7 in addition to other high school (secondary) courses. Applicants should upload both preliminary statements of high school marks, such as a report
card or transcript, and anticipated/predicted IB grades for consideration.

Upon completion of your IB examinations, arrange for your official IB transcript of grades to be sent directly to the University of Saskatchewan by the IB organization. These grades will be used to determine transfer credit.

Click, IB Organization below to order your transcripts. 

Transfer credit

When you apply for admission to USask, your IB subjects and grades will be assessed to determine your eligibility to receive transfer credit. Up to 30 credit units, the equivalent of one full year of post-secondary study, may be applied toward your uSask degree program!

Six units of transfer credit will be awarded for most Higher Level (HL) subjects with grades of 5 or higher. Credit may also be granted for some Standard Level (SL) subjects with grades of 5 or higher, usually in the amount of 3 credit units per course.

USask also grants credit for the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) with a minimum grade of B.

Once your transfer credit has been assessed, talk to an academic advisor in your college to learn how it may fit into your program of study.

Students who are awarded transfer credit may choose to decline the credit. To do so, you must consult an academic advisor in your college and complete the Decline Transfer Credit Form. If you choose to repeat a course for which you have already received credit, the grade may not be used by your college.

IB Course Higher Level
USask Equivalent
Standard Level
USask Equivalent
Biology Biol 120.3 & Biol Jr 3
Business Management Comm 105.3



Chem 112.3 & Chem Jr 3

Chem Jr 3
Classical Greek Must consult with Department 
Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) No Credit
Computer Science Cmpt Jr.6
Dance No Credit
Design Technology No Credit
Economics Econ 111.3 & Econ 114.3
Environmental Systems & Society n/a No Credit
Extended Essay Xhum Jr.3
Film No Credit
Further Mathematics Math 110.3 & Math Jr. 3
Geography Geog Jr.6
Global Politics Pols Jr.6
History 20th Century Hist Jr.6
History Islam & Europe Hist Jr.6
IT in a Global Society Cmpt Jr.3
Japanese AB No Credit
Language A: Language & Literature (English) Eng 110.6 (as of March 2014) No Credit
Language A: Literature (English) Eng 110.6 (as of March 2014) No Credit
Language Chinese Chin Jr.6
Language Chinese B Chin Jr.3
Language English B No Credit
Language French Fren Jr.6
Language French B Fren Jr.3
Language German Germ Jr.6
Language German B Germ Jr.3
Language Latin Must consult with Department
Language & Literature Chinese Chin Jr.6
Language & Literature French Fren 122.3 & 125.3
Language & Literature German Germ Jr.6
Language & Literature Spanish Span Jr.6
Language Spanish Span Jr.6
Language Spanish B Span Jr.3
Literature & Performance English Not available
Mathematics Math Jr.6
Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches Math Jr 3, Math 110.3, Math 116.3 & STAT 103.3 Math 104.3 & STAT 103.3
Mathematics: Applications and interpretation Math Jr 3, Math 110.3, Math 116.3 & STAT 103.3 Math 104.3 & STAT 103.3
Mathematics Studies No Credit
Music Must consult with Department
Other Languages B Dept Jr.3
Other Languages Dept Jr.6
Other Languages & Linguistics Dept Jr.6
Philosophy Phil Jr.6
Physics Phys 115.3 & Phys 117.3 Phys 115.3
Psychology Psy Jr.6 Psy Jr.3
Social Anthropology No Credit
Social & Cultural Anthropology Anth 111.3 & Jr.3
Sports, Excercise & Health Science Not Available
Theatre Drama Jr.6
Theory of Knowledge Phil Jr.6
Visual Arts Art Jr. 6
World Religions Not Available