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Our monthly emails are the best way for you to get all our updates about programs, requirements and events organized by the USask recruitment team -- and much more.

Our latest issue:

January 2023 - February 15 application deadline and Competitive Entrance Awards; USASK EXPRESS application workshops and scholarships info sessions; COMM 101 course; Nominate a student for a Schulich Leader Scholarship by January 31; January 31: deadline for guaranteed spots in USask Residence

  • December 2022 - Most university services closed (Sat. Dec. 24 - Mon. Jan. 2); Campus tours resume Jan. 16; February 15 application deadline and Competitive Entrance Awards; Duolingo test scores adjusted for placement in English for Academic Purposes program; College of Education information sessions; Nominate a student for a Schulich Leader Scholarship by January 31; January 31: deadline for guaranteed spots in USask Residence
  • November 2022 - December 1 application and document deadline; Best and Brightest Entrance Scholarships (December 15); New AgBio programs provide an abundance of career opportunities; Schulich Leader Scholarships nominations due January 31, 2023; NEW! USask College of Dentistry now accepting international applications for Fall 2023; Guaranteed spots in Residence, applications open; December 16 deadline to sign up for Saskatchewan High School Ethics Bowl
  • October 2022 - Upcoming counsellors and agents' info sessions (SK/MB, AB, BC); USASK EXPRESS & USASK EXPRESS for Indigenous students application workshops in November; Upcoming fall activities, including Live Chat Sundays with Arts and Science Students and Jumpstart Your Learning; What is Engineering? and Explore USask Engineering monthly tours; Spotlight: Some excellent USask health programs; Residence applications open; Edwards COMM 101 Early Start
  • September 2022 - Applications for 2023/2024 now open; Save the date: fall activities, counsellors and agents' online information sessions (SK/MB, AB, BC);Get to know Edwards School of Business
  • August 2022 - Open House - Fri. Sept. 23; updated Counsellors and Agents' Hub; Joint admission and English for Academic Purposes webinar
  • June 2022 - Fall and winter class registration; tuition and student fees for 2022-2023; Open House - Fri. Sept. 23; Applications still open, and College of Arts and Science certificates; Remaining U-Start activities; In-person campus tours
  • May 2022 - U-Start; Application deadlines extended for some programs (Canadian citizens and permanent residents); Preparing for class registration; Math Readiness Assessment for students who need to take a calculus course in their program; Management major in Edwards School of Business; ESL Post-secondary Preparation Course
  • April 2022 - May 1 application deadline fast approaching; Learning Communities; Starting with summer classes; New: JumpStart Your Learning: university readiness online workshops (Apr. 27, 28, and 30); U-Start pre-orientation for admitted students (May 19-June 17); Book in-person group tours on campus (April-June 2022); Undergraduate application workshop (April 12, 6 pm-8 pm, CST)
  • March 2022 - May 1 application deadline for many direct-entry programs; Application workshop and info session opportunities in March; Indigenous Student Achievement Pathways sign-up opens Apr. 4; What's the value of a Bachelor of Commerce degree?; College of Arts and Science drama study guides for secondary schools; Students can book a chat with USask representatives
  • February 2022 - Feb. 15 application deadline and USask Express application workshops; March 1 deadline for Competitive Entrance Awards; New Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition; Getting to know the College of Arts and Science events; College of Arts and Science hosts first Saskatchewan High School Ethics Bowl; New promotional materials and USask events
  • January 2022 - Feb. 15 application deadline and application workshops; New USask events; Schulich Leader Scholarships nomination deadline; Engineering Parent Information Night; What could your students learn in a Bachelor of Commerce program?
  • December 2021 - Dec. 15 deadline for Best and Brightest Entrance Scholarships, Counsellors' info sessions available to re-watch, Schulich Leader Scholarships school nomination deadline, Agriculture Student Scholarship applications open, Edwards School of Business Co-operative Education Program and new counsellors' resources, most university services are closed Fri. Dec. 24-Mon. Jan. 3
  • November 2021 - Dec. 1 deadline for early admission and Best and Brightest Entrance Scholarships, Usask Express and USask Express for Indigenous students application workshops in November, Residence applications open, Schulich Leader Scholarships school nomination deadline, Language Teacher Education Program (LTEP) webinar, What is Engineering? event, chats with Edwards School of Business students and staff, bookable appointments with USask staff
  • October 2021 - Open House, updated counsellors' resources and viewbooks, USaskSparks, Usask Express and USask Express for Indigenous students application workshops in November, Edwards School of Business virtual tour, What is Engineering? event, Engineering Saturday High School Club
  • September 2021 - Open House, counsellors' resources, USask virtual counsellors' information sessions, fall 2021 online recruitment events, remote learning resources, and more

Past updates 

  • June 2021 - USask President's update on fall planning, U-Start, programs still accepting applications for the 2021 Fall Term, summer, fall and winter registration, Tuition and student fees for 2021-2022, USask Open House date released.
  • May 2021 - USask President's update on fall planning, U-Start, May 15, June 1 and July 1 application deadliens in some USask colleges, Summer, fall and winter registration, Career Services rebrand
  • April 2021 - May 1 application deadline for some USask colleges, Learning Communities, USASKSparks webinars & other virtual events, U-Start coming soon
  • March 2021 - May 1 application deadline for some USask colleges, USASK EXPRESS application workshop, USASKSparks webinars & other virtual events, Indigenous Student Experience Days
  • February 2021 - February 15 application deadline for admission and scholarships, upcoming events and how to chat online with students in Arts and Science and Edwards School of Business
  • January 2021 - February 15 application deadline for admission and scholarships, new USask Future Students Instagram channel, Engineering: It's more than you think event, Virtual Education Info Sessions, Schulich Leader Scholarships school nomination deadline
  • December 2020 - New promotional material from USask colleges, book a virtual visit from a USask recruitment officer, update to mathematics requirement for Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science)
  • November 2020 - Dec. 1 deadline for early admission and Best and Brightest Entrance Scholarships, Education info sessions, Residence applications open, Schulich Leader Scholarships school nomination deadline, most university services closed Dec. 19-Jan. 3
  • October 2020What is Engineering?, USASK EXPRESS, biomedial sciences, new travel regulations for international students, virtual counsellor events for SK/MB, BC and AB

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Information sessions

These workshops can help you guide students graduating from high school.

Recruitment and admission updates 2021 - Saskatchewan and Manitoba information session
Non-direct entry and regional college updates - Saskatchewan and Manitoba information session 2021
Direct entry college updates and Q&A panel 2021 - Saskatchewan and Manitoba information session 2021
Virtual Counsellor Information Session 2021 – Alberta
Virtual Counsellor Information Session 2021 - British Columbia

Admission advising guide

About the University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan (USask) is a research-intensive university leader in tackling pressing global issues such as water and food security. Our location in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, at the heart of the "bread basket" of Canada, uniquely positions us to find innovative solutions to these challenges.

Our community includes more than 26,000 students -- more 3,300 self-declared Indigenous students and more than 3,300 international students from 134 countries call USask home. We create a welcoming, diverse environment with a culture of growth and deeper understanding that extends beyond the classroom.

We offer many excellent programs ranging from business to medicine to engineering. Our collaborative work across disciplines and our commitmment to integrating different ways of knowing and understanding helps bring a fresh perspective to learning and discovery, and to crucial global challenges.

Our research in key areas such as energy and mineral resources, synchrotron sciences, human-animal-environment health and Indigenous Peoples is enhanced by our world-class facilities. These include the Canadian Light Source synchrotron, VIDO (Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization), the Global Institute for Food Security, the Global Institute for Water Security and the Sylvia Fedoruk Centre for Nuclear Innovation.

How to apply for undergraduate programs

USask programs and colleges

Selecting a USask program and learning how to apply are the most important steps for a future student. 

We have gathered some resources and created an application guide to help you assist student plan their post-secondary education at USask and apply for our programs.

Our step-by-step application guide explains how to apply and important tasks to plan for before and after applying.

If you are an agent representative, please refer to your on-boarding package for instructions about how to apply for USask programs on behalf of students. To inquire about becoming one of our authorized agent representatives, please contact us at

Admission requirements and deadlines

When should students apply for a USask program? What are the admission requirements?

Requirements and deadlines depend on applicants' circumstances. Below is a collection of documents to help you navigate our admission process. You can also print them for your students to supplement our web content and viewbooks and brochures.

This document provides counsellors and agents with information about how we describe our programs and how the admission systems works at USask.

Requirements listed by Canadian province:

SK requirements
MB requirements
AB requirements
BC requirements
ON requirements
NS requirements
International Baccalaureate (IB) recognition (available soon)
Advanced Placement (AP) recognition

We will add documents as new information becomes available. Sign up to our mailing list to be notified when new materials are posted.

Content coming soon. Thank you for your patience!

English language proficiency requirements

University of Saskatchewan Language Centre

Do you work with international students or students whose first language is not English? Our English language proficiency page contains information students need to know to submit proof after applying.

If your students do not meet USask's minimum English language proficiency requirement, they can apply for joint admission to an academic program and to study English for Academic Purposes at the USask Language Centre.

Calculating an admission average

Group students walking in the USask Bowl surrounded by trees

Learn how we calculate an admission average and which subjects may be used.

Scholarships, bursaries and awards

Learn about the USask scholarships, bursaries and awards students can apply for, or for which they are considered automatically.  

Housing and Residence

Students should explore housing options and apply early for our USask residences as soon as available. No need to wait to get an offer of admission first!

Events, tours and fairs

Recruitment events

The best way for you and your students to connect with us to learn more about USask and about our excellent programs is to attend

  • Our annual Open House in the fall where we showcase the quality of our colleges, programs, services and USask student experiences
  • The many events and presentations we offer (virtually and/or in person) about USask programs, admission opportunities, application process, and more, throughout the year
  • Our Instagram live streams on @usask.future.students hosted by our colleges and recruitment staff

Campus tours

You can visit us and explore USask's beautiful Saskatoon campus with your students (both virtually and in person) and find out more about our university.

On-demand USASKSparks webinars

If you book a USASKSparks webinar, you can give the chance to your high school students (grades 10-12) to explore paths to their inspiring future careers!

Using innovative SparkPath challenge cards, students can discover the careers and education pathways at USask that can help them become what the world needs.

Book virtual visits and fairs

Do you have an event would like to invite us to attend? Would like to request a virtual visit from a USask representative? You can book us for:

  • Virtual school visits
  • Education and career fairs in Canada and internationally**
  • Counsellor events to share what's new or need-to-know about USask this year
  • Admissions and awards application workshops to guide future students through the application process
** Authorized agencies and agent representatives can contact regarding international education and career fairs.

Promotional materials

We've designed the resources below to help you share important information about USask with your students.

The informational videos in this section are also helpful to familiarize students with USask.

We've created undergraduate viewbooks and college-themed brochures to help you guide future students who want to apply to USask.

Our viewbooks contain useful info and lots of photos that showcase our campus and student life. Our college-specific brochures offer detailed information about specific areas of study.

We've prepared a package with photos of the university and student life that you can use to promote USask.

Coming soon. Thank you for your patience!

USask general video
Welcome to the University of Saskatchewan
Winter at USask

Resources for admitted students

Once students receive their admission letters, a whole new set of questions may arise.

Preparing for university

USask's New Students page is a great resource for any newly admitted student.

Also, every year in May and June we offer U-Start, events that help admitted undergraduate students transition to university and learn important things such as class registration.

Tuition and costs

Budgeting is an important part of preparing for post-secondary education. Students should review estimated tuition and student fees to get an idea of what to budget for, and then consider sources of funding. They can find more information on our Tuition and costs page.

International student guide

The USask international student guide contains critical information for newly admitted international students, from immigration matters to information on working and living in Canada.

Contact us

If you have questions about:

  • Programs
  • Application process
  • Events

For agent business-related questions, such as:

  • Recruitment partnership inquiries
  • Representation at international fairs
  • Invoicing and procedures
Are we missing anything? Let us know if you would like to see information added to this page.