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Book a visit

School visits and fairs

USask representatives host and participate in a variety of events throughout the year to speak about USask's programs, admission opportunities, application process and more. 

  • School visits
  • Education and career fairs
  • Admissions and awards application workshops to guide prospective students through the application process
  • Counsellor events to share what's new or need-to-know about USask this year

If you have an event would like to invite us to attend, or if you would like to request a visit from a USask representative, please email admissions@usask.ca.

Advising toolkit

These resources have been produced in consultation with counsellors like you. You can print these supplements to our viewbooks and brochures on-demand to distribute to students and to help you stay informed about uSask's admission requirements and procedures.

We will add documents to this toolkit as new information becomes available. Sign up to our mailing list to be notified when new materials are uploaded to this page, or email admissions@usask.ca if you have ideas for additional materials to request.

College-specific information

Admissions resources

Explore these quick links for easy access to admissions information:

  • How to Apply
    These step-by-step instructions introduce prospective students to the application process and some of the important tasks they should plan for along the way.

  • Requirements and Deadlines
    Admission requirements and deadlines for USask programs depend on an applicant's level of education and curriculum.

  • Calculating Your Average
    Learn how an admission average is calculated and which subjects may be used.

  • English Language Proficiency
    Applicants may be required to present proof of English language proficiency. If USask's minimum English language proficiency requirement is not met, they may qualify for joint admission to an academic program and to study English at the University of Saskatchewan Language Centre.

  • Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards
    Learn about the various scholarships, bursaries and awards students can apply for, or for which they are considered automatically. 

Resources for admitted students

Once students receive their admission letters, a whole new set of questions may arise. USask's New Students page is a great resource for any newly admitted student, but these are a few frequently requested pages that can be particularly useful:

  • Preparing for University
    Whether preparing for their program of interest or preparing for university generally, these resources can help a student get the best possible start to their degree. 

  • Housing and Residence
    Students don't need to wait for an admission letter before applying to live in residence. In fact, the earlier they apply, the better. Students should research their various options, apply early and watch for messages from the Residence Services Office to ensure important tasks are completed.

  • Tuition and Costs
    Budgeting is an important part of preparing for post-secondary education. Students should review estimated tuition and student fees to get an idea of what to budget for, and then consider sources of funding.

  • International Student Guide
    From immigration matters to information on working and living in Canada, USask's international student guide is a one-stop resource for newly admitted international students. 
Are we missing anything? You can help. Let us know if you would like to see information added to this page that would be of use to you in your role assisting prospective students.