Tuition for most undergraduate programs at uSask is calculated by adding up the cost of each individual class you register in once you have been admitted. For many programs, there is a wide range of classes from which you can choose.

Tuition estimates

The following estimates reflect a typical amount you could expect to pay per year if you enroll in a full course load (the maximum number of courses allowed).

Direct entry colleges
Agriculture and Bioresources $6,613 $18,053
Arts and Science $6,755 $18,441
Education $6,810 $18,591
Edwards School of Business $7,775 $22,226
Engineering $8,755 $23,901
Kinesiology $6,672 $18,215
Non-direct entry colleges
Law $14,064 $38,395
Nursing $8,274 $22,588
Nutrition $7,383 $20,156
Pharmacy $17,687 $17,687
Dentistry $35,667 * Not available
Medicine $17,998 Not available
Veterinary Medicine $10,737 Not available
Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Studies For students who already have an undergraduate degree and are pursuing a Master's or Ph.D.

* Out of province and international dental degree students are asssessed tuition of $53,500 per year.

2019-2020 tuition estimates for Fall Term 1 and Winter Term 2 (September-April) are represented. International undergraduate tuition rates are assessed at 2.73 times the rate for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Estimates listed above are in Canadian funds.

Student fees

In addition to tuition, you will also pay student fees. These fees provide services like health and dental insurance, athletic facilities, a bus pass for the city's transit system, and more.

Student fees for full-time students in the fall and winter terms will be $947 in 2019/2020.

Textbooks and supplies

The cost of books and supplies varies widely depending on the courses you choose. It is recommended that you budget between $1,000-$2,000 per year.

Residence and food

Housing, or residence, and meal plans are not included in tuition or fees. At the University of Saskatchewan, it isn't required to live on campus.