Enhance your Bachelor of Education by becoming qualified to accommodate learners with special needs and learning disabilities.

Quick facts
  • Two year post-degree certificate
  • Part-time program
  • You can complete this program online
  • You cannot begin this program directly from high school

What you will learn

In as little as two years and from the comfort of your home, you can complete the Post-Degree Certificate in Education: Special Education by completing 30 credit units of specially designed online courses. Classes include comprehensive course materials, assignments, online discussions, group learning activities/projects and a final take home exam. The online course guides will provide you with selected online resources to make your learning experience interesting and challenging.

To complete this program, you will take eight required courses and two elective courses.

Course Description
EPSE 500.3 History and Philosophy of Special Education
EPSE 510.3 Supporting Students with Language and Communication Needs in Classroom
EPSE 520.3 Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities in Classroom
EPSE 530.3 Supporting Students with Behavioral and Social Needs in Classroom
EPSE 540.3 Collaboration Processes and Contexts
EPSE 551.3 Designing Supports to Meet Diverse Student Needs
EPSE 560.3 Providing Supports to meet Diverse Student Needs
EPSE 570.3 Individual Project in Special Education
Plus two elective courses chosen by the student in consultation and with permission of the Program Director.

The Course and Program Catalogue has the complete and official listing of required classes and their descriptions for this program.

This post-degree certificate program is tailored to meet the learning and academic needs of practicing teachers and those in related professions who are employed in, or wish to be employed in, the field of special education.

The College of Education offers a number of longstanding and new certificate programs to assist current educators to deepen their knowledge in a chosen area. Our certificate programs are flexible, designed to support busy schedules and respond to community needs.


If you already have your Bachelor of Education (or an equivalent degree) and are currently teaching in the K to 12 school system, this program will enhance your career. Approved by the Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board (SPTRB) as an Additional Qualification Certificate, the Post-Degree Certificate in Special Education will allow you to move up the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation salary grid.

If you are currently teaching in another province, please consult with your provincial Ministry of Education to learn how the Special Education Certificate can benefit you and your students.

Tuition estimates

Canadian students International students
Tuition $780 per 3 credit unit class $3,776 per 3 credit unit class
Student fees $574 per year $574 per year

Tuition will vary depending on the type and number of classes you take in a year. This estimate reflects a typical amount you could expect to pay per class (2024-2025 Canadian dollar rates).
Student fees are used to fund specific student benefits, including recreational programs and fitness centre access. This estimate reflects the price you would pay if you are a part-time student.
The cost of books and supplies varies widely depending on the courses you choose. It is recommended that you budget between $150 and $250 per class.

College info

The Certificate in Special Education is offered by the College of Education.

The College of Education offers a number of longstanding and new certificate programs to assist current educators to deepen their knowledge in a chosen area. Our certificate programs are flexible, designed to support busy schedules, and respond to changing educational needs and community demographics.

Admission requirements and deadlines

Admission requirements

Applicants to the program are required to have:

  1. Completed a Bachelor of Education Degree (possessing a valid Teaching Certificate from a province/territory in Canada)
  2. One year of successful classroom teaching experience
  3. Six credit units of undergraduate courses in Special Education (e.g. EPSE 390 and EPSE 414 from USask)

Application deadlines

The application deadline for new students beginning in May 2024 is Jan. 31, 2024.

If you are a returning student and have taken a course towards the program, you can apply by March 15.

Ready to apply?

A non-refundable application fee of $90 CAD is required before your application will be processed.


For more information, contact the Department of Educational Psychology, College of Education at: 

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