Did you know that more than 93% of all students at the University of Saskatchewan take classes in the College of Arts and Science? Whether you want to be a writer, a thinker, an artist, a scientist, or a researcher, if you come to USask, your journey may very well begin here. If not, you might still pass through the College of Arts and Science at some point on your journey. No matter which path you’re on, we want you to know more about the experiences, opportunities, supports, degrees and certificates that you can gather along the way! 
Your journey through Arts and Science begins with our welcome session at 10:00 am on April 13th, followed by three concurrent sessions you’ll be able to choose between, depending on your interests, starting at 10:45. In the afternoon, you’ll be able to gather up GooseChase points by visiting Arts and Science drop-in sessions, led by faculty and students. So, join us at Indigenous Student Experience Days to learn more about studying in the College of Arts and Science. 

Schedule of activities

10-10:45 am

Your Journey Starts Here: Welcome to the College of Arts and Science

The College of Arts and Science is the largest, most diverse college at the University of Saskatchewan. So many students begin their journey here, and we welcome everyone interested in learning more about what we offer. In this session, you will be able to chat one-to-one with student leaders and learn about how Arts and Science degrees, certificates, as well as experiential learning opportunities, can support you on your path toward to a fulfilling career, giving back to your community, and becoming a life-long learner.

10:45-11:30 am

Bachelor of Science and STEM Pathways

Join staff and students from the College of Arts & Science, College of Engineering, and the Museum of Natural Sciences to learn about what Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs offer, and where they can take you! This dynamic session will include a “lightning speed” student panel and interactive information session as well as a DIY STEM challenge to try at home (you need one piece of paper and any kind of mug or cup).

Indigenous Student Achievement Pathways (ISAP) brochure

ISAP STEM Accelerator postcard

Biological Research Certificate postcard

Bachelor of Arts: Social Science and Fine Arts Pathways

Join staff from the College of Arts & Science ISAP Team, Political Studies, and Drama Departments to learn about arts and social science degree programs, and where they can take you! This dynamic session will include an interactive overview of BA and BFA programs, with a special focus on Indigenous co-degree certificate opportunities, like the Certificate in Indigenous Storytelling and Certificate in Indigenous Governance and Politics. It will also include a chance to participate in a virtual improv activity facilitated by Deneh’Cho Thompson, faculty lead for the wîcêhtowin Theatre Program.

Global Studies Certificate postcard

Indigenous Governance and Politics Certificate postcard

Politics and Law Certificate postcard

wîcêhtowin Theatre Certificate postcard

Sociology and Indigenous Justice & Criminology Student Panel

What is sociology? It’s the study of people and society. So why study Sociology? Studying sociology gives you the skills needed to see society and human interaction in a different way. Jobs after a sociology degree are diverse and span areas such as politics, teaching and education; communication, corrections and law; community affairs; and research. One certification option in Sociology is Indigenous Justice & Criminology where students, through practicum placements, experience the areas of social justice and criminology.

Panel members:

  • Constable John Langan, ABJAC Graduate
  • Dr. Holly McKenzie, Post-Doctoral Fellow in Sociology 
  • Shayla Batty, President of Sociology Undergraduate Student Association (SUSA)
  • Chelsea Roy, ABJAC Graduate 
  • Chelsey Stonestand, IJC Graduate

Sociology pamphlet

Indigenous Justice and Criminology pamphlet

Criminology and Addictions Certificate postcard

12-1 pm

Art and Art History Drop-in Q&A

Are you interested in art and making things? Do you like the idea of taking some classes like drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, printmaking, art history, etc. when you come to university? You can take classes as electives or as a Minor with another degree or even make art your Major! Do you know what award-winning Saskatchewan Indigenous artist completed both a BFA and MFA in the Department of Art and Art History? Find out the answer to this question - and more by dropping in to the Art and Art History Q&A session to meet some students and a studio art faculty member.

Biomedical Sciences Drop-in Q&A

Does science interest you? Do you wonder about bacteria, viruses, and vaccines and how they work? Then drop in to the BMSC Q&A to learn more about the program that can teach you all about this.

Biomedical Science brochure

Biomedical Science FAQs

Computer Science Drop-in Q&A

Having a solid technical foundation is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. Whether you’re interested in taking an introductory course, a full computer science degree or anything in between, we have an option for you!

Computing Certificate postcard

Department of English Drop-in Q&A

Have you always loved to listen to and tell stories? Do you want to find out more about storytelling and classes where you can write your own fiction and poetry? Drop in to the Department of English virtual space and find out what Creative Writing courses we offer!

Indigenous Storytelling Certificate

Department of History Drop-in Q&A

Join Metis scholar, Dr. Cheryl Troupe and Undergraduate Director, Dr. Simonne Horwitz to learn about the exciting and innovative courses offered by the Department of History. Our courses include those on topics such as Indigenous History, Histories of Modern Canada, Environmental Disasters in History, Medical History, History of Violence and Warfare, Histories of Gender and Sexualities, Colonial and Post-Colonial Histories.

Economics Drop-in Q&A

Ever wonder what is economics all about? Or what you can do with an Economics degree? If so, meet a faculty member in Economics to learn more about what kinds of things can you expect to learn in economics, and what jobs/earnings can you expect with an Economics BA. Did you know that economics students have the opportunity to gain workplace experience by taking a career internship course?

Environment & Society and Hydrology

Earth’s natural and human environments are the focus of a wide range of changes observed today. Our programs provide students with an understanding of these changes, how humans affect Earth, and how Earth affects us.

Ever wonder about philosophy?

Have you always loved to think about big questions? Ever wondered about the meaning of life, whether we actually know anything, or what makes an action morally right? Drop in to the Philosophy virtual space and find out who some philosophers in the western tradition were and what they thought about those questions!

Ethics, Justice and Law Certificate postcard

Indigenous Justice and Criminology Program and Sociology Student Leadership Opportunities

Do you want to find out more about Indigenous Justice and Criminology? Do you want to see all the opportunities for leadership and engagement in the Department of Sociology? Drop in to the Sociology virtual room to learn more and hear about our student association.

Sociology pamphlet

Indigenous Justice and Criminology pamphlet

Criminology and Addictions Certificate postcard

Indigenous Student Achievement Pathways Drop-in Q&A

Join the Indigenous Student Pathways Team to learn more about ISAP First Year Courses and Learning Communities, the ISAP Peer Mentor Program, ISAP STEM Pathways and prep courses, and how to sign-up to join our Community for Learning!

Indigenous Student Achievement Pathways (ISAP) brochure

Indigenous Studies and Indigenous Mentorship Drop-in Q&A

Indigenous Studies is awesome! Learn about Indigenous study abroad opportunities, cool courses, and more! A degree in Indigenous Studies will prepare you for a whole whack of different careers. Meet past grads, faculty, and learn about mentorship and funding opportunities with the Saskatchewan Indigenous Mentorship Network.

Museum of Natural Sciences Drop-in Q&A

The Museum of Natural Sciences tells the story of evolution on Earth through exhibits and displays that include dinosaur replicas, fossils, live animals and plants, rocks, and minerals. Join us virtually in this beloved campus space to hear from students about their experiences at the university and some of their favourite things in the museum and the natural world. 

Political Studies Drop-in Q&A

Please come in and meet some people from the department of political studies. We are here to answer any and all questions you may have about courses, certificates and degree programs related to all things political from Indigenous governance and politics to global justice to our study abroad program in Asia.

Politics and Law Certificate postcard


Value of a Bachelor of Arts
The Value of the Fine and Performing Arts
The Value of Interdisciplinary Programs
The Value of a Bachelor of Science

Indigenous Student Achievement Pathways

ISAP Welcome Video

Established in 2012, our Arts & Science Indigenous Student Achievement Pathways welcomes First Nations, Inuit and Métis students to the College through academically-grounded programming that builds confidence, knowledge, and skills, while connecting students to one another and to our campus community.

At piihtikway pihtikwe tawāw, ISAP is welcoming prospective Arts and Science Students in a variety of ways. Pick the pathway that suits you best!