The date of the next intake for the Practical and Applied Arts (PAA) Certificate is currently under review. As such, this certificate program is not accepting students until further notice.

Teach Home Economics or Industrial Arts in elementary or secondary schools.

Quick facts
  • Part-time program
  • Usually completed over 2.5-3 years
  • You cannot begin this program directly from high school

What you will learn

For students currently in a Bachelor of Education program, or who have already graduated, this certificate will let you teach practical and applied arts in schools in one of the two following areas:

  • Home Economics focuses on the family unit: ecosystems, consumerism, living environments, financial management, politics, and clothing and textiles. The hands-on, practical courses are perfect for teaching these traditional skills.

  • Industrial Arts focuses primarily on industrial skills training such as computer-assisted drafting, cabinetry and construction, welding, electricity and electronics, and mechanics.

To complete this program, you will take the 10 required courses plus 2 elective courses, depending upon your specialization.

Home Economics

  • HED 111.3 Family Ecosystem
  • HED 142.3 Consumer
  • HED 222.3 Family Living Environments
  • HED 223.3 Contemporary Clothing & Textile Consumption
  • HED 232.3 Personal and Family Financial Management
  • HED 313.3 Family & Technology
  • HED 431.3 Management of Family Time & Food Resources
  • HSC 120.3 or HLTH 100.3
  • ECUR 340.3 Introduction to Teaching Practical and Applied Arts
  • ECUR 341.3 Curriculum and Evaluation in Practical and Applied Arts
  • Plus 2 elective courses chosen from a defined list

Industrial Arts

  • TECH 183.3 Drafting
  • TECH 187.3 Wood Fabrication
  • TECH 283.3 Computer Assisted Drafting
  • TECH 284.3 Electricity Electronics
  • TECH 285.3 Mechanics
  • TECH 286.3 Welding
  • TECH 287.3 Building Construction
  • ETAD 402.3 Multimedia Design and Production
  • ECUR 340.3 Introduction to Teaching Practical and Applied Arts
  • ECUR 341.3 Curriculum and Evaluation in Practical and Applied Arts
  • Plus 2 elective courses chosen from a defined list

The Course and Program Catalogue has the complete and official listing of required classes and their descriptions for this program.

The University of Saskatchewan is the only institution in the province where you can access the courses necessary for certification as a teacher in Practical and Applied Arts.

USask offers a program that provides you with the background to assist students with an interest in attaining practical knowledge in the applied arts and is the program for you if you enjoy a combination of theoretical and hands-on education.


In addition to being able to teach practical and applied arts in schools, you'll also be able to apply to the Ministry for advanced salary class standing through certificate opportunity.

Tuition estimates

Canadian students International students
Tuition $7,797 $37,738
Student fees $1,121 $1,121
Books $1,500 $1,500
Total $10,418 $40,359

Tuition will vary depending on the type and number of classes you take in a year. This estimate reflects a typical amount you could expect to pay in your first year if you enroll in a full course load, the maximum number of courses allowed (2024-2025 Canadian dollar rates).
Student fees are used to fund specific student benefits, including health, vision and dental coverage, a bus pass, recreational programs and fitness centre access.
The cost of books and supplies varies widely depending on the courses you choose. It is recommended that you budget between $1,500-$2,500 per year.

College info

The Certificate in Practical and Applied Arts is offered by the College of Education.

Admission requirements and deadlines

This program is open to:

  • current University of Saskatchewan students enrolled in a Bachelor of Education program, or
  • post-degree Education students who hold a Bachelor of Education degree and valid Professional 'A' Teaching Certificate.

Admission is based on a special case admission review.

Note: This certificate is not available to those with a BEd who have previously completed a Home Economics or Industrial Arts teaching area.

To apply, select the Education - Certificates application type and select the appropriate stream:

Ready to apply?

This program is not currently accepting applications.

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