Precision Agriculture is the precise management of crops to increase both production and sustainability. This program is designed to allow you to gain knowledge and to develop experiential skill in precision agriculture by leveraging skills from your academic discipline. You will learn about the technologies used in precision agriculture (satellite imagery, global positioning systems, etc.) to measure and manage variability in crop production.

Quick facts
  • Open to current USask students only
  • Recommended for students in Agriculture and Bioresources, Engineering, Computer Science, Environment and Society, Hydrology or Regional and Urban Planning
  • Offered only at the main USask campus in Saskatoon

What you will learn

The certificate structure of this program will allow you to gain knowledge and to develop experiential skill in precision agriculture.

  • Understand the basics of precision agriculture
  • Understand what drives spatial and temporal differences in crop yield
  • Utilize precision agriculture tools and analytic techniques within a GIS system
  • Utilize big data to solve precision agriculture problems
  • Work effectively in a diverse team to generate precision agriculture solutions
  • Be an effective and respectful communicator

PLSC 202.3 Introductory Precision Agriculture

This course will give students an introduction to precision agriculture as it relates to field crop production. Students will learn about the agronomy and technology of variable rate technology. The course will highlight the economic and environmental benefits of precision agriculture, as well as examining components of it, including soil and crop variability, global positioning systems, machinery automation, spatial analysis, unpiloted aerial vehicles (UAVs), and satellite imagery. The course will bring together these elements to allow students to evaluate precision agriculture services. This is the foundation course in the Precision Agriculture Certificate.

GEOG 222.3 Introduction to Geomatics

Introduction to the skills for reading maps, air photos and satellite images is provided, along with an introduction to computer-based cartography, image analysis and enhancement, and Geographic Information Systems.

PLSC 402.3 Advanced Precision Agriculture

This is the capstone course in the Precision Agriculture Certificate. It will allow students to integrate knowledge from their specific subdiscipline with real-world precision agriculture solutions to increase the sustainability and production of crops. Students will learn advanced concepts in precision agriculture and how to analyze spatial and temporal variability in crop production. They will utilize a variety of data, ranging from satellite imagery, soil topography and soil properties, to understand and develop variable rate prescriptions for crop inputs. Finally, students will apply this knowledge in diverse teams that utilize discipline-specific knowledge to solve real-world precision agriculture problems.

The Course and Program Catalogue has the complete and official listing of required classes and their descriptions for this program.

Career skills

You will graduate with excellent industry-endorsed scientific training and a foundation of professional career skills. Our strong ties with industry and our reputation for producing well-rounded, quality graduates means that many businesses look here first when hiring employees.

Many of the world's leading precision agriculture companies are based in western Canada. This industry employs many USask graduates from AgBio, Computer Science, Engineering, Environment and Society, Hydrology, and Regional and Urban Planning to meet the demand.

Small class sizes

AgBio offers a setting that combines the advantages of a full-scale university with the benefits of a small, specialized program. The small class sizes in third and fourth year and supportive atmosphere allows you to get to know your instructors and fellow students, and to build a network of personal and business contacts.


We are committed to finding solutions to sustainably feed a hungry and growing world. Our five departments provide a foundation for our broad array of research activities, both basic and applied. We have over a century of innovative products and practices that have transformed the world.

USask is a leader for precision agriculture research and has several research centres dedicated to it. The Plant Phenotyping and Image Research Centre (P2IRC ), which brings together researchers from agronomy, engineering, computer science, soil science and agri-business. The Omics and Precision Agriculture Laboratory (OPAL) provides equipment for use in this area. The Agronomic Crop Imaging Lab has developed several collaborative research projects utilizing both satellite and Unpiloted Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) as tools in Precision Agriculture.

Opportunities to get involved

AgBio has one of the campus's most active and spirited student bodies. There are several student clubs in the college to join to enhance your university experience.

Collaborative environment

Our faculty and researchers actively collaborate across the university, as well as nationally and internationally. We have created strong, productive partnerships with numerous governments, private enterprises, producer groups, research centres, and industry associations to develop a sophisticated network for applied science, business and policy development. Outreach, technology transfer and information sharing are an important part our research.


Interested in Agriculture and Bioresources?

Careers depend upon what subdiscipline the students come from for the certificate.

  • All subdisciplines
    • Agriculture entrepreneurs
    • Employees and managers in precision agriculture companies
  • Agronomy/Soil Science/Crop Science
    • Precision agriculture agronomist
    • Farm manager
    • Precision agriculture sales and marketing
  • Agri-business
    • Sales representative
    • Precision agriculture manager
  • Computer Science
    • Precision agriculture programmer
    • Precision agriculture data analyst
  • Geography
    • Precision agriculture geographic information technologist
    • Precision agriculture geographic information analyst
  • Engineering
    • Machinery design
    • Controller design

Tuition estimates

Canadian students International students
Tuition $819 per 3 credit unit class $3,964 per 3 credit unit class
Student fees $1,121 per year $1,121 per year

Tuition will vary depending on the type and number of classes you take in a year. This estimate reflects a typical amount you could expect to pay per class (2024-2025 Canadian dollar rates).
Student fees are used to fund specific student benefits, including health, vision and dental coverage, a bus pass, recreational programs and fitness centre access. This estimate reflects the price you would pay if you are a full-time student.
The cost of books and supplies varies widely depending on the courses you choose. It is recommended that you budget between $1,500-$2,500 for this program.

Program options

Virtual Tour - College of Agriculture and Bioresources

The Certificate in Precision Agriculture is offered by the College of Agriculture and Bioresources. You may earn the certificate concurrently with a degree program from this college. This certificate is also available to USask students studying Computer Science, Engineering, Environment and Society, Hydrology or Regional and Urban Planning. Consult an academic advisor in your college for more information.

The Course and Program Catalogue has the complete and official listing of required classes and their descriptions for USask programs.

Admission requirements and deadlines


Start term Application deadline Document deadline

September 2023

August 15, 2023 August 15, 2023

January 2024

December 1, 2023 December 15, 2023


  • Completion of at least 24 credit units of post-secondary coursework
  • Minimum average of 70% on 18 or more transferable credit units or the cumulative weighted average from a recognized and/or accredited post-secondary institution; average calculated on all attempted courses (without breaking up an academic session) which are transferable to the University of Saskatchewan.
  • Proficiency in English

Ready to apply?

In addition to USask students enrolled in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources, this program is also available to USask students studying Computer Science, Engineering, Environment and Society, Hydrology or Regional and Urban Planning. Consult your academic advisor to discuss enrolling in this program alongside your degree.

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