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Our diversity of programs offer students an opportunity to explore many aspects of environmental sector. Whether you are interested in field-work, lab-work, policy, or planning, we offer an undergraduate environmental degree to fit your interests. In fact, there are eight undergraduate environmental degree options to choose from!

Environment and Society
College of Arts and Science

Integrate social and scientific elements to address environmental problems and contribute to policy development.

Environmental Biology
College of Arts and Science

Learn about ecosystems and how organisms interact with their environment.

College of Arts and Science

Study about physical and social science perspectives focused on investigating issues related to water security

Environmental Geoscience
College of Arts and Science

Explore how geological processes have shaped the geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere over geologic time and investigate impacts of human activities on these systems.

Environmental Engineering
College of Engineering

Develop solutions to protect and improve the environment, public health, and natural resources.

Environmental Science
College of Agriculture and Bioresource

Learn about how plants mitigate pollution, about the relationship between environmental constraints and sustainable development, and about prairie agriculture and forestry.

College of Arts and Science

Study how toxins behave and impact the body, living organisms, and the natural environment.

Resource Economics and Policy
College of Agriculture and Bioresource

Study how management decisions and policy development influences sustainability.

Resource Science
College of Agriculture and Bioresource

Specialize in managing our land, water, and plant resources.

School of Environment and Sustainability

Focus on sustainability-related concepts and practices in areas such as resource development, food systems and designing sustainable communities.


Three colleges at the University of Saskatchewan offer undergraduate environmental degree programs.

  • In the College of Agriculture and Bioresources, students can pursue environmental degrees focused on protecting renewable resources and the environment through responsible management and conservation of the world's soil, water and ecosystems, and through the development of environmental policy.

  • The College of Arts and Science offers environmental degrees that focus on many different aspects of environmental sector work, including: earth sciences, biodiversity, ecology, conservation, toxicology, and environmental philosohpy.

  • Finally, in the College of Engineering students may pursue an environmental degree focused on the application of science and engineering principles for the protection and improvement of public health and the environment. 


Eco Hack is an environment and sustainability-focused hackathon that aims to solve our day-to-day sustainability problems through innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Hands on Experience

Some programs offer co-op programs, internships or other work experience options. For more information please read the material in the links below or contact the Program Chair for your program:

Environment students have the opportunity to take classes in other countries around the world.

Explore opportunities through the International Student and Study Abroad Centre


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