This list is not comprehensive but can be used as a guide to transfer credit that we have recently offered past students who attended this institution.

Course equivalents

Ambrose University courseuSask course
ART 141Art Jr. 3
BHS 240 & 310Psy 233.3 & 234.3
BHS 320No Credit
BIO 105Biol Jr. 3
BUS 201COMM 101.3
CS 100Cmpt Jr. 3
EN 220AEng Jr. 3
EN 220BEng Jr. 3
EN 230Eng Jr. 3
EN 320Eng Sr. 3
HI 141Hist Jr. 3
Hi 142Hist Jr. 3
Hi 200Hist 152.3
Hi 205Hist 270.3
Hi 228Hist 229.3
Hi 244Hist 245.3
Hi 246Hist 388.3
Hi 365Kin Sr. 3
PH 125Phil 120.3
PHY 111Phys 115.3
PS 121Psy Jr. 3
PS 220Psy 213.3
PS 250Psy Sr. 3
PS 300Psy 222.3
PS 330Psy 242.3
PS 345Psy 226.3
REL 105Rlst Jr. 3
REL 111 No Credit
RELI 205Rlst Sr. 3
RELI 356No Credit
SC 120Astr Jr. 3
SO 121Soc Jr. 3
SO 220Soc 112.3
SO 340Soc Sr. 3

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