This list is not comprehensive but can be used as a guide to transfer credit that we have recently offered past students who attended this institution.

Course equivalents

Sunway University courseuSask course
ACCT 2013
Basic Principles in Accounting
Comm 201.3
ACCT 2023
Management Accounting
Comm 210.3
BIOL 1021 + 1013
General Biol Lab, General Biology
Xnsc Jr.3
BIOL 1033 + 1041
Intro to Cell Biology, Intro to Cell Biology Lab
Biol 120.3
BIOL 1053 + 1061
Evolution, Diversity & Ecology, Evol, Div, Ecology Lab
Biol 121.3
BUSN 1013
Introduction to Business
Comm 101.3
CHEM 1013 + 1021
Chemistry and Society, Chem and Soc Lab
Chem Jr.3
Chem 1033 + 1041
General Chemistry I, Gen Chem I Lab
Chem 112.3
Chem 1053 + Chem 1061
General Chemistry II, Gen Chem II Lab
Chem 115.3
COMM 1013
Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
No Cr
COMM 1023
Intro to Human Communications
No Cr
COMM 2013
Introduction to Communication Theories
No Cr
COMM 2023
Communication Research Methods
No Cr
COMM 2033
Mass Media & Society
No Cr
CSCI 1013
Intro to Computer Applications
Cmpt Jr.3 (under re-review)
CSCP 1014
Programming I
Cmpt 111.3
CSCP 2014
Programming II
Cmpt 115.3
ECON 2013
Econ 111.3
ECON 2023
Econ 114.3
EENG 2014
Circuit Analysis
Phys 155.3
ENGL 1000
Basic Writing Skills
Xar Unsp 3
ENGL 2014
Introduction to Critical and Creative Writing
Xar Unsp 3
ENGR 2013
Basic Statics for Engineering
Phys Jr.3
ENGR 2023
Dynamics for Engineers
Phys Jr.3
ENGR 2033
Fundamentals of Thermodynamics
Phys Jr.3
ENVS 1014
Introduction to Environmental Studies
Geog 1000 (under re-review)
FINN 3013
Business Finance
Comm 203.3
HIST 1013
Multicultural America
Hist Jr.3
HIST 3013
Intellectual History of the Modern West
Hist 122.3
JRNS 1013
Introduction to Journalism
No Cr
MATH 1013
Finite Mathematics
1/2 of Math 100.6
MATH 1024
Math Jr.3
MATH 1034
Calculus I
Math 110.3
MATH 1044
Calculus II
Math 116.3
MATH 1054
Discrete Mathematical Structures
Cmpt Sr.3 (200 level)
MATH 2014
Calculus III
Math 225.3
MATH 3014
Differential Equations
Math 238.3 (or 226.3 or 224.3)
Math 3024
Linear Algebra
Math 266.3
MGMT 2013
Organizational Behaviour
Comm 105.3
MKTG 2013
Principles of Marketing
Comm Jr.3
MLAB 1011
under review
PHYS 1014 + 1021
College Physics I, College Physics I Lab
Phys Jr.3
PHYS 1034 + 1041
College Physics II, College Physics II Lab
Phys Jr.3 (under review)
PHYS 2014 + 2021
Physics I, Physics I Lab
Phys 115.3
PHYS 2034 + 2041
Physics II, Physics II Lab
Phys 155.3
POLS 2013
International Relations
Pols Sr.3 (under re-review)
POLS 3013
Pacific Asia Today
Pols Sr.3 (under re-review)
PSCI 1000
Introduction to Political Science
Pols 111.3 or 112.3
PSYC 1013
Introduction to Psychology
Psy Jr.3 (under re-review)
PSYC 1023
Developmental Psychology
Psy 213.3
PSYC 2013
Abnormal Psychology
Psy 223.3
PSYC 2023
Research Method in Psychology
under review
SOCY 1013
Principles of Sociology
Soc 111.3
STAT 2013
Introduction to Statistics
Stat 244.3
STAT 2023
Statistics for Engineering
Stat 245.3
STAT 2034
Probability and Statistics
under review
THEA 1013
Introduction to Theatre
Dram 101.3

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The information contained on this page may change at any time without notice. Transfer credit is at the discretion of the receiving institution. A course equivalence does not mean an automatic credit. Some of the reasons why credit may not be granted by an institution are:

  • A course may not fit a program.
  • Some institutions require a minimum number of courses to be completed at that institution (residence).
  • Some academic units require a minimum grade in order to grant credit.
  • Some academic units will not credit courses taken more than 5 (or 8, or 10) years previously.

Students who are already working towards a degree program and who want to take courses from another institution must request a letter of permission from their home institution to ensure they receive credit.

This listing is not comprehensive.