This list is not comprehensive but can be used as a guide to transfer credit that we have recently offered past students who attended this institution.

Course equivalents

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences courseuSask course
Analytical Natural Products FAMS 415.3
Applied Demand and Supply AnalysisAgec Sr 3
Applied Environmental Assessment EVSC Sr 3
Bees, Apiculture and Pollination PLSC 311.3
Cell Biology BIOC Unsp 3
Cooperatives and Agriculture MarketingAgEc Sr 6
Dairy Science FAMS Unsp 3
Development StudiesAgrc Unsp 6
Food Chemistry FAMS 415.3 + FAMS Unsp 3
Food in Europe, Agriculture Policy & International Trade Agrc Unsp 6
Food MicrobiologyFAMS Unsp 3
Genetics I Biol 211.3
Genetics II Biol 316.3
ImmunologyMicr 421.3
Industrial Organization AGEC Sr 3
International Trade Agec Sr 6
Meat Science FAMS Unsp 3
Natural Resource & Environmental Econ Agec Sr 6
Natural Resource ManagementAGEC 330.3
Philosophy of Science and Ethics Phil Jr 3
Project Management Agec Sr 3
Protein Technology FAMS Unsp 3
Strategic ManagementBPBE Unsp 3
Viticulture Agrc Unsp 3
Agrc Unsp 3
LV0070FAMS 415.3
S0037PLSC 314.3

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