This list is not comprehensive but can be used as a guide to transfer credit that we have recently offered past students who attended this institution.

Course equivalents

Carl Von Ossietzsky Universitat Oldenburg courseuSask course
Advanced German Grammar and Tutorial, Advanced German IIGERM 215.3
Advanced Spanish 3 & 4SPAN 215.3
Current Issues in British PoliticsPOLS 240.3
Current US Political IssuesPOLS 242.3
Germany: One Nation, Two SocietiesPOLS 240.3
Tutor and Stuart BritainHIST 242.3

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The information contained on this page may change at any time without notice. Transfer credit is at the discretion of the receiving institution. A course equivalence does not mean an automatic credit. Some of the reasons why credit may not be granted by an institution are:

  • A course may not fit a program.
  • Some institutions require a minimum number of courses to be completed at that institution (residence).
  • Some academic units require a minimum grade in order to grant credit.
  • Some academic units will not credit courses taken more than 5 (or 8, or 10) years previously.

Students who are already working towards a degree program and who want to take courses from another institution must request a letter of permission from their home institution to ensure they receive credit.

This listing is not comprehensive.