This list is not comprehensive but can be used as a guide to transfer credit that we have recently offered past students who attended this institution.

Course equivalents

Technologico de Monterrey courseuSask course
Administrative AccountingNo Credit
Algorithm AnalysisCMPT 280.3
Anal Meth and Sys Design I & IICMPT 371.3
CompSci Theory, Comp MathCMPT 260.3
Computer ArchitectureCMPT 320.3
Computer OrganizationCMPT 215.3
Computer Science I and IICMPT 111.3
Cost AccountingNo Credit
Data StructuresCMPT 115.3
Databases: Fund and AdvancedCMPT 355.3
Entrepreneurial DevelopmentCOMM 349.3
Financial AccountingNo Credit
Intro to Public ManagementPOLS 326.3 or POLS Sr 3
Macroeconomics Theory IECON 214.3
Managerial AccountingCOMM 210.3
MarketingCOMM 204.3
Mathematics for EconomicsMATH 226.3
Microeconomics Principles, History of Economic Theories, Macroeconomics, Intermediate MicroeconomicsECON 111.3, ECON 114.3, ECON 211.3, ECON Sr 3
Microeconomics Theory IECON Sr 3
Networks I & IICMPT 434.3
Operating Systems I & IICMPT 332.3
Programming LanguagesCMPT 340.3
Statistics ISTAT Jr 3
Statistics IISTAT 241.3
Numerical Mthods and Linear Algebra
MATH 211.3
Mathematics for Engineering I
MATH 110.3
Mathematics for Engineering II
MATH 116.3
Mathematics for Engineering III
MATH 225.3
Probability and Statistics
STAT 245.3

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