This list is not comprehensive but can be used as a guide to transfer credit that we have recently offered past students who attended this institution.

Course equivalents

University of Queensland courseuSask course
ANAT 2029ACB 210.3
ANTH 1010NS 105.3
BIOL 2001
COMP 1001CMPT 100.3
EDUC 1029
Introduction to Education
EFDT 101.3
EDUC 2000
Communication for Learning
No Credit
EDUC 2019
Mind & Culture
EDUC Unsp 3
EDUC 2029
Language & Discourse in Education
ECUR 279.3
EDUC 2039
Media & Technologies in Education
ECMM 474
EDUC 2040
Peace Education
EDUC Unsp 3
EDUC 2050
Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language
ECUR 291
EDUC 2080EPSE 390.3
EDUC 3004KIN 240.3
EDUC 3079
Theories of Schooling
EDAM 422
ENGL 1500ENG Jr 3
ENGL 1800ENG Jr 3
EXMD 2362KIN 381.3
German 2010Germ Sr 3
HIST 2245
Australians at War
HIST 2402
Russia: Evolution to Revolution (862-1917)
HIST 220.3
HIST 3002
History of Sport & Physical Activity in Australian Society
HIST 3003
The Olympic Movement & Society
HIST 3003
The Olympic Movement & Society
KIN 233.3
HM 253,255KIN 322.3
HM 263,265KIN 222.3
HM 273,274KIN 226.3
HM 309KIN 233.3
HM 323KINA 129.1
HM 337KIN 423.3
HM 371KIN 223.3
HM 373KIN 425.3
HMST 1023KIN Jr 3
HMST 2190KIN 232.3
HMST 2220KIN 240.3
HMST 2362KIN 381.3
HMST 2530KIN 322.3
HMST 2730KIN 225.3
HMST 3010KIN 223.3
HMST 3052
Sports Med of Phys Activity
KIN 321.3
HMST 3070KIN 423.2
HMST 3123KIN 233.3
HMST 3353KIN 428.3
HMST 3362KIN 381.3
HMST 3433KIN 431.3
HMST 3732KIN 425.3
HMST 3732
Advanced Exercise Physiology
KIN 425.3
HMST 3846KIN 380.3
HMST 4052KIN 321.2
HMST 6846KIN 390.3
HPRM 3000KIN Sr.3
HRSS 4109KIN Sr 3
MARS 2005
Australia's Marine Environment
MGTS 1201
Computer-based Information Systems
CMPT 100
NEUR 2350KIN 322.3
NUTR 3000KIN 428.3
PHIL 1130
Into to Ethics
KIN 432.3
PSYC 1040
Psychological Research Methodology
PSY 235.3
PSYC 2000KIN 231.3
PSYC 2030
Developmental Psychology
PSY 213.3
PSYC 2040
Social & Organizational Psychology
PSY 225.3
PSYC 2341PSY 214.3
PSYC 3000
KIN 431.3
PSYC 3122
Attitudes & Social Cognition
PSY 226.3
PSYC 3192
Perception & Attention
PSY 252.3

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The information contained on this page may change at any time without notice. Transfer credit is at the discretion of the receiving institution. A course equivalence does not mean an automatic credit. Some of the reasons why credit may not be granted by an institution are:

  • A course may not fit a program.
  • Some institutions require a minimum number of courses to be completed at that institution (residence).
  • Some academic units require a minimum grade in order to grant credit.
  • Some academic units will not credit courses taken more than 5 (or 8, or 10) years previously.

Students who are already working towards a degree program and who want to take courses from another institution must request a letter of permission from their home institution to ensure they receive credit.

This listing is not comprehensive.